50cm Balconniere Trough

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Keep your plants healthy all year round with one of our popular self-watering Balconnière Troughs. These modern European style planters give you less work and ensure your flowers never go thirsty. Plants are fed by the resevoir at the bottom of the pot which is filled via the feeder tube, ensuring that your plants are well watered. Choose from two sizes and three colours, matching trays to stop spillage or staining are also available.



Long-lasting: lightweight, frost-proof, shockproof and UV resistant

Made in the UK from premium grade plastic

Easy plant maintenance

Ideal for Geraniums, Verbena and trailing Ivy

Indoor and outdoor use

Suitable for low level bedding plants

Self-watering system with feeder tube and reservoir

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* Colour of Planter:

50cm  Balconniere Trough
  • 50cm  Balconniere Trough
  • 50cm  Balconniere Trough
  • 50cm  Balconniere Trough

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