Thompson & Morgan Summer Flowers Pretty in Pink Mix Pink

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A simply brilliant mixed selection of seeds that can be scattered in your garden and produce some truly wonderful visuals. Extremely easy to grow for a display of glorious colour to enhance your garden and attract bees and insects. A very pink-themed flower seed mix to allow for a bit more colour coordination compared to normal wildflowers seed mixes.

Simply scatter your seeds in an area of your choice where you would like them to grow, cover and wait for wild results! Create your own wildflower meadow, perfect for British woodland and cottage garden planting schemes - and great for pollinators like butterflies! This bee friendly scatter pack makes the perfect gifts for a gardener.

A brilliant way to create a beautiful pink planting scheme quickly and easily.

Mixed Seeds: Supplied in a box with a net weight 200g, including 15g seeds plus vermiculite mix which acts as a 'carrier' to help ensure the seed is distributed evenly when sowing compared to some bulk seed bags or flower bombs.