Bird Care

Gordon Rigg Garden Centres offers a large range of wild bird care products to encourage wild birds into your garden. By using our carefully selected wild bird care products you can bring your garden to life, especially in those colder winter months. Our fantastic range of wild bird care products includes wild bird feeders, wild bird nest boxes, wild bird seed and more! We also have a section for other wild animals that may visit your garden.

Wild bird feeders are the perfect way to attract wild birds to your garden, and within our wild bird care range you will find an extensive range of sturdy feeders, squirrel proof feeders and feeding kits. These wild bird feeders will ensure that wild birds will continue to visit your garden time and time again.

Our wild bird care range does not stop at wild bird feeders; we also have a wide variety of wild bird nest boxes that are perfect to give wild birds a helping hand with accommodation! We also have a nest box that has a built-in camera so you can watch chicks hatch live on your television.

We have a wide range of wild bird food available, including mixed seed and insect blends, suet treats and sunflower hearts, peanuts and Nyger seed.

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