Alpines & Heathers

Alpine plants thrive in gritty, sandy rockery soil and are often quite small with delicate foliage and flowers. A site in the full sun is necessary for these plants to show their best.  Unfortunately these plants are only available in store.  The pictures below give you an idea of the range we stock, but are subject to availability - we recommend dropping into the garden centre for a good look.

Heathers are hardy, colorful, low-growing perennial shrubs native to the heaths, moors, and woodlands. Well suited to marginal pastures, heathers are low-maintenance plants that can thrive in acidic soil with little fertilizer and in near-drought conditions.
The evergreen plants provide year-round displays of color from flowers and leaves. Depending on the type of heather, the flowers bloom between July and November and come in pink, lavender, white, magenta, amethyst, purple and red. If planed right, a field full of different types of heather will remain colorful for a longtime, with new plants blooming just when others begin to fade.