Wolf Garden Tools

Wolf Garden Tools are extremely well known for their superior quality and development of garden equipment. Wolf garden tools are developed in Germany and have won numerous awards for their quality garden tools.

They have also received DLG recognition for their shears; these are only awarded after rigorous testing from garden experts and landscape gardeners. For over 80 years Wolf Garden Tools have been making exceptional garden equipment, a brand which we are extremely pleased to supply at Gordon Rigg Garden Centres.

At Gordon Riggs we stock a wide choice of wolf Garden Tools, our particular favourite range of tools are the carefully developed, award-winning Wolf Multi-Change tools. The Multi-Change range has a large choice of different heads and handles to choose from, allowing you to choose the very best tool for the job and adapting it to your needs. The heads and handles for these flexible tools are sold separately allowing you to build up a collection of your perfect Wolf Garden tools. Some of the heads that are available are trowels, weeding brushes, rakes, hoes, cultivators and more!