Gordon Rigg Garden Centre Aquatic Department sell a huge range of tropical fish for you to choose from as well as a great selection of Saltwater fish and other interesting bits for your saltwater aquarium along with everything you will need to house, feed and look after your new fish.

We sell a huge range of products for your Tropical, Marine or Pond fish...

Including products such as the internal filters from the Eheim brand in a variety of sizes.... If you tank needs warming up why not buy a new Jager Aquarium Heater which come in a variety of powers from 25W to 300W... These are the best quality heaters and are made in Germany.

To feed your fish, why not buy Tetra Fish Food. We stock food for all types of fish and also sell Holiday food if you are going away for the weekend (e.g. Tetra Tetramin Weekend Tropical Fish Food) or longer. (e.g. Tetra Tetramin Holiday Tropical Fish Food)