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15 Iris Dwarf Reticulata Joyce


Iris Reticulata Joyce


Flowering for several years in rockeries, at edges of borders and in tubs on terrace and balcony. Can be grown indoors in pots.


September – December., 3″/8 cm apart and 3″/8 cm deep


Full sun or partial shade. Well-drained garden soil with plenty of humus.

Expert advice

Use pots with drainage hole and plant the bulbs 3 cm/1 in. deep in good potting compost. Water well and place pots in a shady garden spot, covered with soil or keep the pots in a cool place at about 9?C/48?F. Keep soil in pot moist. After a ‘cold period’ of about 14 weeks bring them gradually to a higher temperature (maximum of 16?C/60?F) for flowering from mid-January onwards.

Flowering Time Febr-March
Flowering Height 6″/15 cm
Bulb Size 6/7 cm
Bulb Count per pack 15

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