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20 Muscari Double Grape Hyacinths


Muscari Double Grape Hyacinths


Flowering for several years in borders, rockeries, woodland, between shrubs and paving stones. Also in tubs on terrace and balcony. Very attractive when interplanted with daffodils and narcissi. Can also be grown indoors in pots.


September – December., 3″/8 cm apart and 3″/8 cm deep


Full sun or partial shade. Any well-drained soil will do.

Expert advice

Tend to form thick clumps in 3-4 years and should then be lifted, divided and replanted after foliage has died down.

Flowering Time April-May
Flowering Height 6″/15 cm
Bulb Size 7/8 cm
Bulb Count per pack 20

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