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Ranunculus Pauline Violet


Ranunculus Pauline Violet


Border plant, suberb for cutting. Cut the flowers as soon as they show colour.


September – December / February – April., 3″/8 cm apart and 3″/8 cm deep


Full sun. Well-drained soil, containing plenty of humus.

Expert advice

Before planting, soak tubers in cold water for about 6 hours. Plant tubers with the ‘claw-like’ roots pointing downward in moist soil. Withhold water until shoots appear, make sure the soil does not become too dry. Once growth is apparent regular watering is essential. You may also plant them again in August – December, but protect them over winter with a mulch.

Flowering Time May-June
Flowering Height 12″/30 cm
Bulb Size 7/8 cm
Bulb Count per pack 10

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