Fluval SEA SP4 Sump Pump 7200LPH

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Fluval Sea SP4 Sump Pump 7200 LPH Maximum Flow rate of 7200 LPH Maximum Head Height of 3.5M Power 95 watts Fluval Sea SP4 Sump pumps are powerful compact pumps designed for use with marine sumps. These superb pumps from Fluval Sea have built in Smart Pump Technology that consistently provides optimal pump performance. They feature an integrated electronic circuit board that continuously monitors the pumps performance resulting in one of the most powerful energy efficient pumps currently available. This smart pump technology is also equipped with a thermal switch that will temporarily shut the unit down in abnormal conditions such as a blocked impeller meaning it will save the pump from buring out. Fluval Sea SP sump pumps can be used both in and outside of the sump for subermisible or dry use. The sump pumps from Fluval Sea feature an impeller and bearing made from Alumina Ceramic which has a superior wear resistance and prevents calcium build up, reducing maintenance frequencies and ensuring a longer pump life.