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10 Narcissus Golden Bells


Narcissus Golden Bells


Plant informally in groups; ideal for the rock garden and in tubs on terraces or balconies, suitable for naturalizing in lawns or woodland. Unsuitable for dry spots.


September – December., 2″/5 cm apart and 2″/5 cm deep


Sun or partial shade. Well-drained but moist humus-rich soil is ideal.

Expert advice

Can best be left undisturbed for some years. When the clumps become too crowded lift the bulbs after the foliage has withered. Separate the offsets and replant immediately. A top-dressing of high potash (K) and phosphate (P) fertiliser from early in the spring is beneficial.

Flowering Time March-April
Flowering Height 4″/10 cm
Bulb Size 8/10 cm
Bulb Count per pack 10

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