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Crocus Vanguard


Crocus Vanguard


Flowering for several years in lawns, wild gardens, rockeries, woodland, between shrubs and in tubs on terrace and balcony.


August – November., 3″/8 cm apart and 3″/8 cm deep


Full sun or partial shade. Likes a rather heavy, well-drained soil with a good supply of humus. Enrich sandy soils with leafmould.

Expert advice

Crocus spread rapidly and should be lifted every 3-4 years after the foliage fades, divided and replanted. A little bonemeal in spring will help to build up the corms for better flowering.

Flowering Time March-April
Flowering Height 4″/10 cm
Bulb Size 7/8 cm
Bulb Count per pack 15

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