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5 Oxalis Adenophylla


This item will be released August 12, 2024.

Oxalis Adenophylla


Edgings for borders, rockeries and in pots on terrace, balcony and indoors.


March – May., 4″/10 cm apart and 2″/5 cm deep


Full sun or light shade. Adaptable to many soils but a well-drained porous soil containing humus is preferred. Likes the warmth of walls and hedges.

Expert advice

Oxalis needs plenty of water during there growing season. Removing the dead flowerheads helps to encourage further growing. The clumps can be left in the ground. Divided every few years in fall.

Flowering Time April-May
Flowering Height 4″/10 cm
Bulb Size Topsize Bulbs
Bulb Count per pack 5

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