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Canna Louis Cottin


Canna Louis Cottin



Feb to May, 20″/50cm apart and 4″/10cm Deep


For outdoors a very warm, sunny and sheltered position. A light, sandy soil enriched with a little well-rotted manure horn- or bonemeal.

Expert advice

Only hardy in really warm sheltered places. Planting Canna are best grown in pots and are kept moderately dry until roots are formed and young sprouts are showing. Then watering is gradually increased as the plants develop and are freely watered during the flowering season. A light application of a complete fertilizer when the shoots first appear and weak liquid manure when the flower spikes appear is beneficial. When the flowers fade and the stems show sign of decay, water should be gradually withheld to induce a thorough ripening for the next year. The pots should be stored in a dry place until the time for repotting comes. When the corms should be carefully cleaned and all the offsets removed. Storage of pots is best at a temperature of 13-16°C.

Flowering Time Aug to Sep
Flowering Height 24in/60cm
Bulb Size
Bulb Count per pack 1

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