Gro-Sure Visiroot 20 Cell 8pk


Visiroot propagation products are made from transparent green rPET material, making roots visible so you can easily check root growth and moisture levels without disturbing the plant. The unique cell tray design includes moisture bridge technology that means all the cells remain connected by capillary action from the growing media and will help provide even water and nutrient distribution across the all cells. So even if you don’t manage to reach all of the cells with the watering can, they will still get watered. The UV filtering green tint ensures that the roots of the germinating plants are not damaged by direct sunlight. Visiroot trays are durable for repeated use year after year and the end of usable life can be easily recycled through household kerbside collections. Available in an easy to handle half size tray format, means you can fit 2 in a Gro-sure gravel tray or 3 per watering tray. They are also compatible with Gro-sure half propagator lids, perfect for sowing and growing seed directly in the tray.

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