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10 Iris Dwarf Katharine Hodgkin


Iris Katharine Hodgkin


Flowering for several years at edge of border and in rock garden.


September – December., 3″/8 cm apart and 3″/8 cm deep


Full sun or partial shade. Well-drained garden soil with plenty of humus.

Expert advice

Use pots with drainage hole and plant the bulbs 3 cm/1 in. deep in good potting compost. Water well and place pots in a shady garden spot, covered with soil or keep the pots in a cool place at about 9?C/48?F. Keep soil in pot moist. After a ‘cold period’ of about 14 weeks bring them gradually to a higher temperature (maximum of 16?C/60?F) for flowering from mid-January onwards.

Flowering Time Feb-March
Flowering Height 6″/15 cm
Bulb Size 6/7 cm
Bulb Count per pack 10

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