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Nippon Clothes Moth Trap


Discreet and practical, Nippon Clothes Moth Traps have been designed to be used in wardrobes, under-bed storage or where clothes are stored.

Odourless, safe and effective, each pack contains two traps which can last up to three months.

Nippon Clothes Moth Traps do not contain pesticides with natural pheromone traps.
The natural pheromone traps attract male moths which become stuck on to the non-drying glue on the inner surface of the trap. This prevents the male from mating with the female moth therefore stopping any infestation.

Nippon Clothes Moth Traps are triangular and have a glue coating to all three inner surfaces. Stuck to the inside of wardrobes using an adhesive strip, the traps can also be used free-standing when folded.

To use, simply remove the protective paper, push the tabs through the slots to assemble and ensure it is accessible to moths.

Avoid draughty areas and check regularly.

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