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Nippon Fly Papers 3 Pack


Flies and other flying insects can become real pests in the home, especially in the warmer months and around areas where food is being prepared.

Ideal for areas where a spray would not be suitable, Nippon Fly Papers are simple and effective.

Nippon Fly Paper are esticide-free and traps flies on contact.
Ideal for the home, greenhouse and shed.
A traditional method of trapping flies, simply untwist the paper and secure to the ceiling or shelf.

Available as a pack of three, the attractive floral design has been developed to be in-keeping with the surrounding décor.

Each pack contains a drawing pin and loop so Nippon Fly Papers can be used straight from the pack.

When full, Nippon Fly Paper can be disposed of in a waste bin as they are pesticide-free. Always wash hands after use and keep out of reach of children and pets.

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