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Perennial Iris Germanica Senlac


Perennial Iris Germanica Senlac


Flowering for several years at edge of border and in rock garden.


March to April, 10″/25cm apart and 2″/5cm Deep


Full sun. Well-drained, fertile and chalky. Poor soils must be enriched with leafmould, compost or other organic matter.

Expert advice

These irises do not flourish in poor soil so apply a topdressing of fertilizer in spring and again 4-5 weeks after flowering. Use a lime or phosphatic based fertilizer with low nitrogen content. When clumps become overcrowded lift the roots about 2 weeks after flowering, divide and replant them at once

Flowering Time April to May
Flowering Height 24in/60cm
Bulb Size
Bulb Count per pack 1

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