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Perennial Paeonia Primevere


Perennial Paeonia Primevere


Border plant and excellent cut flower.


March to May, 10″/25cm apart and 4″/10cm Deep


Careful selection is important for peonies resent transplanting and should be planted for permanence. They like an open place with good air circulation in full sunlight shade is tolerated, but plant never under trees. Moisture-retentive and well-drained; a mixture of compost, peat, leafmould, well-decayed manure and bonemeal is ideal.

Expert advice

Water adequately in dry periods. It will take some time for the plants to be established, do not expect flowers in the first season after planting.

Flowering Time May to June
Flowering Height 36in/90cm
Bulb Size
Bulb Count per pack 1

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