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SuperFish Home 110 Aquarium White


The Home range of aquariums are fantastic desktop starter aquariums they include everything you need to start a coldwater aquarium with plenty of space to a heater should you fancy scaping a tropical aquarium. All the equipment has been cleverly disguised by the coloured centre frame that fully wraps around the aquarium giving a modern elevated design.

Built In Filter Chamber. The aquarium is fitted with a built-in discrete filter which is perfect for the included Aqua Flow 300 filter has a three-stage mechanical filtration system this provides clean and clear water for your aquarium. This Filter box has extra space for addition of an optional heater if you wish to keep tropical fish.

 Sunrise LED Lighting. These plug and play aquariums are equipped with two colour Sunrise LED Lighting (white and blue). The energy-efficient Sunrise Lighting simulates a natural sunrise, by intensifying the light level slowly to a maximum over a 30 second period. The LEDs have fingertouch operation and are dimmable with an on/off mode for timer operation.

 Modern Design. The Home aquariums are specially developed for aquascaping to create a nano planted tank perfect for small fish and shrimps. The Over Tank Luminaire is easy to open for setting up and maintenance and the cover included helps stop any unwanted bids for freedom.

Aquarium Dimensions (L x W x H)78 x 36 x 54 cm

Capacity 110 L

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