Vitax Yellow Sulphur


Sulphur is an important secondary nutrient for all plants. A vital component of many amino acids, it is essential for efficient protein production.

A plant nutrient and soil acidifier, Yellow Sulphur helps to grow strong, healthy flowers, fruit, vines and vegetables.

Yellow Sulphur:

Helps prevent yellowing of leaves
Reduces susceptibility to powdery mildew and black spot
Can be used as a soil conditioner for acid-loving plants.
Increased pollution control has led to decreased sulphur deposition, which means soils require extra sulphur to keep plants healthy.

Sulphur deficiency shows as a yellowing between the veins and around the margins of the youngest leaves, and can decrease a plant’s resistance to a range of diseases.

Yellow Sulphur can also be used to neutralise the effects of hard water when plants are grown in tubs or planters.

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