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Zantedeschia Calla Picasso


Zantedeschia Calla Picasso


Can be grown in sunny, sheltered border positions in most British gardens, also as an emergent plant under water in shallow ponds or bogs. Excellent pot plants which bloom for weeks.


Feb to May, 16″/40cm apart and 3″/8cm Deep


Outdoors full sun or partial shade; indoors direct sunlight except at midday. Rich soil with liberal supply of humus; when planting in pots use rich potting compost.

Expert advice

Water indoor pots sparingly until growth starts, temperature should be 10-16°C/50-60°F. Plants in open ground or in outdoor containers must be lifted before danger from frost.

Flowering Time June to Aug
Flowering Height 20in/50cm
Bulb Size 14/-cm
Bulb Count per pack 1

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