Make Your Own Bog Garden

Another though provoking idea


Everyone, even I’m afraid if you’re in the Yorkshire or Lancashire area as that little patch with in their garden that damp in nature. Some may find It at the bottom of a slope, in A poor draining clay soil or for the lucky amongst us have a natural spring or stream running through one’s garden. These areas have become even more problematic and challenging with the changing weather patterns flash flooding ect.

Now, as gardeners we often become gods of our own domain, pushing unnatural solutions to age old problems putting unsuitable Plants in the wrong place… often leading to poor performance, disappointment and extra expense. Now here at Gordon Rigg our desire is for our valued customers to walk away with planting solutions that are both durable and attractive and fit for purpose.

Working with moisture.

We have produced a list compromising of some of the more durable plants from some of the major planting groups, for example ‘shrubs’

Within any planting scheme the trick is to plant seasonally through the year for continuity of flowering. The aim, no matter what the size is to have something to look at most of the year always seeking to increase your seasons of interest.

Start by placing your structural planting in that is the body of your planting scheme, these are often the most choice items often referred to as focal points they will draw your eye down the border. These than can be under planted with other plants that create the drama within your scheme. Please don’t forget, plants don’t always have to be interesting due to flowers, seek texture stems autumn colour and berries. By doing this you are adding the layers to the plants that gives authenticity to your project.

Now as a plant mad buyer I’m going to be A little bit shocking but why not add a delicate piece of stoneware or garden artwork to help To create structure and a unique feeling some may even find a nice bench to enjoy the view of your new planting adventure.

Some exciting news for 2021…

Continuing with our successful introduction on our new water plant company we are now seeking to increase our selection of ‘moisture loving plants’ these will be seasonal interesting items, that continuously evolve throughout the year.

A little inspiration…

Now for those that want to use these plants but might have a limited space our plant team have been hard at work coming up with a free standing damp garden. This idea is fantastic, simply a freestanding box with a tank inside filled with suitable soil and an array of plants. I sent it fantastic? Maybe even a lockdown project for those of us with amateur diy skills.



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