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Vitax Organic Tomato Feed


Super-charge your tomatoes with Vitax Organic Tomato Food. Full of organic goodness, this super concentrated feed will help produce bumper crops of the juiciest and tastiest tomatoes.

A high potash organic fertiliser, Vitax Organic Tomato Food has all the high quality nutrients to deliver masses of high quality tomatoes.

Organic Tomato Foo contains magnesium, iron and trace elementsgiving longer lasting feed to aide plant growth.
Child, pet and bee-friendly.
Tomato plants are greedy feeders and require almost a constant supply of water and high quality nutrients. Vitax Organic Tomato Food has been precisely formulated to provide the constant nutrients required for continued growth and healthier roots, which supports tomato production.

The added benefit of magnesium, iron and naturally present trace elements, helps provide the ideal balance for tomatoes and other fruits.

With no artificial chemicals, it is suitable for vegan gardening and safe for use around children and pets.

One, 1 litre bottle will make up to 50 watering cans, or 200 litres of feed.

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